Pure Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup has been made from the maple trees on the farm for over 100 years!

 We take great pride in our maple syrup. Every year the family pulls together to begin the process of getting the taps out in the trees. We have over 3,500 taps and are planning to add even more! We spend hours in the woods everyday to make sure our tubing system is properly working. All of our sap goes to two pump houses on the edge of the sugarbush. From there the sap is pumped through underground lines directly to storage tanks next the the restaurant. We can hold up to 10,000 gallons of sap at once. From those tanks the sap is pumped into the building were the evaporation process starts. What the best part of this whole process? The fact that you can come and witness it first hand in the evaporator room while you wait to be seated! Norman will be running the evaporator and Lisa will be mingling with people thoughout the room.  They love answering questions and telling stories. It is quite the experience being surrounded by the smell of the maple and taking in all the history in the room.